The Odyssey divers hostel 奧之海潛水旅宿 is located outside of the main tourist area on the south west corner of Xiao LiuQiu.

Jun has a good level of English and runs a very friendly, comfortable & cozy hostel for divers. The hostel has 3 guest rooms in dorm style.

odyssey dive hostel dorm room

Odyssey’s diving service includes both fun dives and training courses.

PADI courses offered include open water diver, advanced open water diver and nitrox.

In addition to standard PADI certification courses Jun also offers two valuable specialty courses to help improve your standard of diving. This includes a frog kick course and a diving skills review course.

Both are great value and Jun will take time working with groups of up to 4 students focusing on developing skills to make you a more proficient diver.

odyssey diver, good trim & buoyancy

I have seen the results of Jun’s diving skills review course, and after completing the student always achieves a high level of buoyancy control and very good trim/position in the water.

You can rent anything scuba related from Odyssey including air tanks, gear & equipment. If you need showing around the local dive sites you can book a guided dive.


Traditional house on hillside away from the hustle & bustle

57 Zhongzheng Road, Liuqiu Township,
Pingtung County, Taiwan 92942
Phone: +886 920 309 066
Line ID: maxwang68

Contact: Wang Yu Jun



Jun owner of Odyssey Dive Hostel

Jun owner of Odyssey Dive Hostel

Being located in Xiao LiuQiu, both boat diving and shore diving can be organized. Shore diving offers a great value for money and can provide an opportunity to get up close and personal with the green sea turtles common around the dive sites. Boat diving for advanced divers includes the chance to dive at any of the 3 wrecks located around the island.

Click here for more info about dive sites in Xiao LiuQiu.

Courses offered include:
PADI Open Water Diver
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
PADI Enriched Air Diver

Specialty Courses:
Odyssey Frog Kick Course
Odyssey Diving Skills Review Course

Gear rental / Air / Guided Shore or Boat Dives

For more information contact Jun directly at Odyssey Dive Hostel!