So right about the time I picked up my new Canon G7X mkII camera Recsea temporarily dropped all of their local Taiwan distributors. Sadly I believe there was some shenanigans with bait and switch going on.

This left me out on a limb as I had been eyeing the Recsea POM (Polyoxymethylene) underwater camera housing.

So who is Recsea? Recsea is a Japanese company who make some of the most compact, durable and ergonomic underwater camera and video housings available in the market.

The housings are precision engineered, and manufactured using CNC machining from a solid block of Aluminum or Plastic. The underwater housings are hand assembled and then depth and function tested to ensure quality. This focus on quality over quantity ensures a reliable product supporting operating depths that ranges from 40 to 3,000 meters depending on the type of housing.

Although this was going to be my first Recsea camera housing I had sort of set my mind on getting it, a few of my dive buddies are already rocking them for their Sony Rx100 mkII, III and IV cameras and seem very pleased. Everyone I have spoken to has been really happy with the housings, with no regrets and so I felt confident about purchasing one myself.

Recsea Direct online storeSearching for an alternative source, I closed in on a supplier in the US however shipping costs were fairly high.

It was at that point that I realized that Recsea had just recently started their own online store Recsea Direct where you are able to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Being in Japan, so relatively close this seemed like a good fast option, and I liked the idea of dealing directly with the manufacturer.

I reached out to them on their facebook account and asked a few questions, as we’re almost in the same timezone feedback was fast within hours.

You can reach them on their facebook account at

After chatting directly to them and feeling confident I selected the options I wanted. I placed my order at 09.59am on a Friday morning, and I selected the EMS international Express Mail Service. I paid with PayPal in USD and that was that.

Within minutes I received an order confirmation.

Goods arrived in Taiwan from Japan in less than 48hrs

Being almost the weekend I expected to receive the shipment in around 1 week.. how wrong I was…

By 2pm the same day Friday I had a shipping confirmation. What was even more shocking was Sunday morning I got a knock at the door and a courier was stood there package in hand… how’s that for service. Great news there were no duties or additional customs charges required just a signature. That means the total cost was USD499 plus USD33 for shipping.

Recsea underwater camera housing unboxing

Recsea underwater camera housing unboxing

Like a little kid on Christmas morning I excitedly opened the package. Upon opening the outer carton inside was another carton containing the actual underwater camera housing it was well packaged to protect against any shipping damage with the invoice right on the top.

Everything was neatly packaged in individual plastic bags; contents included a clip on diffuser, a strobe mask to allow connection of standard fiber optic cable, wrist strap, a spare set of O-rings, an O-ring pick and O-ring grease.

All in all very happy with the service and very happy with the product.

If your looking to get yourself a new underwater camera housing this dive season, why not first checkout availability on the Recsea Direct store, if you have questions feel free to ask directly on their facebook page or send them a message to their customer service, your sure to get a fast reply.

Free Taiwan Shipping Coupon

If you read this far, many thanks and as an added bonus if your quick, between now and the end of March use the following coupon code during checkout on the Recsea Direct online store for a discount and you will be able to get free shipping to Taiwan on any purchase over USD200..

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before end of March 2017
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So why wait! Get ordering now before the dive season gets into full swing.

Dive Safe!

Useful links to Recsea: Website Online Store Facebook page