Taiwan is not the first name that pops up in scuba diving circles when people talk about top Asian diving destinations. However scuba diving in Taiwan does offer a wide variety of locations to choose from including; sub-tropical diving up on the northeast coast where the environment is mostly rocky, some hard corals and great for macro photography; to tropical diving down in Kenting, green island and orchid island where there is an abundance of fringing reefs with soft corals.

As far as sealife up north it is great for macro subjects, as well as octopus including rare sightings of blue ring octopus and flamboyant cuttlefish and other typical reef fish.

Down in Kenting and on the southern islands you will see more abundant numbers of reef fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, trevallies, humphead wrasse, green sea turtles, and a rare chance to see a manta ray or shark. In winter time it is also possible to see hammerhead sharks if you can find a boat willing to take you out. Though they are still there recent sighting have been limited and the dives are for advanced level only due to current and waves.

Diving in Green Island

Diving Green Island, Taiwan

Caldera, Green Island

Green Island is a small volcanic island located in the south east of Taiwan. It is the 4th largest island making up Taiwan. It is located about 21 miles (33km) from the city of Taitung in the Pacific Ocean.
What makes Green Island so attractive as a diving destination is very clear water with visibility usually 30M or more.

Being a small island there is always a sheltered and divable site. It offers year round diving with warm water temperatures in the range 24~29°C, abundant fringing coral reefs with healthy soft and hard coral growth, rich diverse marine life compared to the main island (though mostly smaller fish and some mid-sized), lots of convenient shore diving, as well as boat diving. Most common shore dive sites include ShihLang, ChaiKou and DaBaiSha for more experienced divers. Boat dives commonly will visit the famous Big Mushroom, Steel reef, DaBaiSha, 6 meter reef or Chicken head rock.

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Diving in Xiao LiuQiu

Green Sea Turtle in XiaoLiuQiu

Green Sea Turtle in XiaoLiuQiu

Xiao LiuQiu, Little LiuQiu, or Lamay Island is a divers paradise. Located 15km south west of DongGang and an area of 6.8 km² it is a small coral island, Taiwan’s only large coral island. The island is said to look like a drifting ball which is where the name LiuQiu comes from.

LiuQiu can be reached by a 20 minute ferry service from DongGang. Being a coral island it is surrounded by fringing reef. It has crystal clear water with vizability of 30M or more.

Turtles.. in short that’s why divers come to XiaoLiuQiu. There is an abundance of green sea turtles on LiuQiu because they are protected, they also seem to like the area and enjoy snacking on the healthy coral. Every dive you can be assured of seeing a couple turtles, ranging from young to adult, during summer months the adult females will also come ashore to nest and lay eggs.

You can both boat dive and shore dive, there are also a couple wrecks which you can visit, with one being accessible from shore with a long surface swim.

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Diving in Kenting

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Diving in Orchid Island

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Diving in LongDong, Northeast Coast

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