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30 06, 2017

Release of 18000 Batfish at Green Island dive sites

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Fantastic news has emerged from facebook user 俞明宏 that Taitung County government together with the Green Island fisherman's association are releasing 18,000 orbicular batfish at a number of dive sites around green island.. The following numbers will be released at each site: 5000 Steel Reef 2000 Turtle Bay 2000 Telephone pole reef 1500 Shilang 2000 [...]

23 04, 2016

ReefCheck Taiwan, iDiving – Bitou Cape

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iDiving is co-sponsoring a the ReefCheck at Bitou Cape on April 23rd 2016. Get your 2016 diving season started early by helping the ReefCheck organization in checking our local tropical coral reefs. The ReefCheck survey helps check the health of coral reefs worldwide as well as promote and educate the public about the value of reef ecosystems and the crisis [...]