A nice diving site, suitable for all levels of diver, nearly always divable except for largest swell.


MeiYanShan is a nice diving site. Even though it opens out to a wide stretch of ocean, current is generally not a problem. It is divable all year around, except for large swell or when the waves are coming from the North East.

It is suitable for all levels of diver, often you will see students training around the 7m mark on the map. During the summer months it is common for 2~3 groups to be diving out of this site, especially when LongDong becomes excessively busy.

Access to the dive site from the car park is via a small track down a hill. Once you get down onto the rocks the easiest entry is a giant stride. Depth is 5m at this point.

The same location can be used as an exit, by climbing up the rocks. Others may choose to swim all the way to the shore along the channel, but getting out here can be tricky at times if there are any waves. The bottom is also rocky so it it easy to lose your footing.

The interesting feature of this dive site are the three spurs, they are large flat rocks that are tilted, almost forming right angled triangles. This provides a flat sloping surface where you can find an abundance of life, as well as a wall on the backside which offers a different scene.

Common Species
Expect to see most of the common fish you would see in Northern Taiwan waters. Sometimes you will see octopus, moray eel. One friend reported seeing a blue ring octopus on the 3rd spur, but I have not been so lucky.

Parking is right next to the dive site, which space for ~12 cars in the immediate car park, and a close car park able to hold an additional 50 cars. Be careful leaving valuables in the vehicle, especially on show, as there have been at least one incident of windows broken and wallet/phone stolen if on display.

There is a police station about 100m to the south.

Site Details


Co-ordinates: Lat 25.070787; Lng 121.923615
Category: Shore
Type: Rock / Reef / Wall
Level: Any
Ave depth: 10m
Max depth: 15m
Current: little
Visibility: 12m
Quality: OK

Dive map for MeiYanShan

This map should not be used for navigation, and is provided for reference only

Dive Shops
If you are interested to dive this location, contact one of the scuba dive shops known to run dive at this location:
The ScuBar
The Scuba Shop
TDC Taipei
If you are a dive shop owner and frequent this dive site, drop us a message at [email protected] and we will add you to the list above.