Steel reef is a man made reef created in 2010. Consisting of 4 rough pyramid shaped structures, covered in soft coral. It can only be reached by boat. For a beginner AOW it can be an interesting deep dive, for an advanced diver it does not have a great draw as it has a high nitrogen loading, and short dive time due to depth for little value.

Steel Reef, Green Island

That’s not to say it is a bad dive site, you will see 5 line snapper, bluefin trevally, batfish, clown trigger and other normal Taiwan reef fish.

steelreef2 steelreef3

It is suitable only for AOW and above divers due to the depth, the artificial reef is located in 30M depth water. The structures are 10M in height so divers are in open water from 0~20m. Boats will sometimes go here if other sites have high current/poor vis.


Access by boat


4 man made structures 10M tall, in 30M deep water. As open form divers can swim within the structure. Blue fin trevally often swim within the structure.

Common Species

Expect to see most of the common Taiwan reef fish. Sometimes you will see bluefin trevally, batfish, clown trigger fish.

Site Details

Steel Reef

Co-ordinates: Lat 22.63917; Lng 121.487419
Category: Boat
Type: Reef / Deep
Level: AOW
Ave depth: 25m
Max depth: 30m
Current: little
Visibility: 20m
Quality: So so

Dive map for Steel Reef

This map should not be used for navigation, and is provided for reference only

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