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    Take a moment to post a picture of the camera rig you use and tell us a little about it.

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    Here’s my rig

    Canon S110, Meikon housing, INON S2000

    I started off looking for a cheap point and shoot setup.. but it never ends out that way.

    Camera: Cannon S110, i got this cheap off an electronics buy/sell group on facebook. NTD4500
    Housing: Meikon, again a low cost housing bought this on aliexpress.. good price USD126 and free shipping.

    I initially thought this is all i would need, but it turned out that the large 67mm port on the front blocked virtually all of the internal flash.. the S90/100 housing do not have the large 67mm port on the front and you can get away without an external strobe..

    So based on that i need to get a strobe.. getting a strobe also meant getting a tray, handle and arm…

    To start with I got a Sea & Sea YS-01.. it has a built-in focus light and supports TTL.. the TTL didnt work well with my Cannon S110, so I later changed it for an INON S2000.. it is agreat little strobe and has been working flawlessly.. really pleased with it..

    As my photography sucks, i also picked up a GoPro, and mount it on the underside of my tray.. for taking B-roll video..

    Recently I got an LED torch with a video head on it.. output is 800lm.. with a wide 120degree beam which has consistent light output.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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