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    Scubar Xiao Liu Qui Trip

    The Scubar Fulong is running a 2 day, 1 night trip to XioaLiuQiu island on November 7th to 8th. Taiwan’s home of the green sea turtle.

    Registration: From now until October 30, 2015.
    Contact Nigel at the Scubar Fulong directly by phone or in person at the shop.
    Deposit NTD2,000

    Cost: NTD6,500 including return train from ZuoYing<>Donggang, return ferry ticket, scooter hire, room, breakfast, and 4x boat dives.

    If you want to complete your open water course during this trip it will cost NTD18,000 (OWD course NTD11,000 rather than the normal NTD13,000)

    If you are a non-diver and interested in doing a discover scuba dive during the trip NTD7000

    Zuoying – Donggang train
    Return ferry ticket
    Room (1 night)
    Scooter hire
    4x boat dives (2 per day)
    Diving costs: air, boat dives, dive guide fees

    Diving costs: gear rental, lead weights, shore dives, dive guide fees and tips
    Drinks, personal consumption

    Note: Scuba gear rental (full set NTD1000 per day)

    For more information contact Nigel at the Scubar Fulong on 0981 949 927 / Line ID: nigelanderson / [email protected]
    or Paul Line ID:abcdpaul20000
    or visit their shop

    今年11/7-8號 我們將出團前往小琉球
    Day 1 各自搭車前往左營
    08:00-08:30 Arrive at Zoying Station in Koahsiung between 08:00-08:30
    10:00-10:30 Depart from Donggan Harbour by ferry at 10:00-10:30.
    放好行李 準備潛水裝備(2支氣瓶,如要再加潛費用另計)
    15:00 Start diving and return by 15:00 using two tanks of air.
    以下自由時間 Now we have free time to drive our scooters around the island to see sunsets and go out for food and drinks.
    Day 2
    早餐 Breakfast 08:00
    準備裝備 Prepare equipment 08:30
    開始潛水 Start our two ocean dives 09:30
    結束潛水 至離開前為自由時間 Finish at 12:00. Free time to drive scooters around island.
    # 預計15:00搭船回台灣本島 Ferry Departure back to Donggang Harbour. 15:00
    11/7-8 六日 小琉球潛水團

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    So sounds like it is going to be a great trip, about 15 people going in total and I am joining them.

    Divers are split into 3 groups: some doing a discover scuba, some OW students and 6 fun divers.

    I’m just hoping the turtles will be plentiful.. they are such graceful creatures and awesome to see in the open ocean.

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    Couple photo’s from the trip..

    Green Turtle, XiaoLiuQiu

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    This was my favorite encounter of the weekend. Keeping my eye on the prize, everyone went the opposite direction.

    After taking a breath at the surface the turtle came back down, as we got closer he glanced at me a few times making sure I was not a threat, then he allowed him and me to peacefully swim together into the current for a minute or so..

    Once the group realized and headed back he turns tail and swims off.. I felt privileged that he allowed me to share that experience.

    [youtube id=”Wp75txFLpbo” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

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