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  • Brett Woods
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    hey man nice site. im in taiwan teaching english how do i go about learning scuba diving? it sounds cool!

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    Hello Brett,

    I guess first question is where in Taiwan are you located? If you want to learn to scuba dive you should find yourself an instructor. You can get training from any of the shops listed in our The Dive Shop section of our website.

    Open Water Diver training and certification usually costs between NTD12,000 and NTD14,000. That should include everything including manuals, gear and certification. This would include 2~3 pool dives, and 2 ocean/open water dives.

    Once you complete this course you would be certified to dive, though truth be known this course only teaches the basics and you generally need additional practice to become a competent diver.

    Now back to where you are locate, or where you would like to learn to dive…

    If you are located up north in Taipei, I would recommend getting in touch with Nigel from the Scubar, he is the resident diving coach at the Song Shan Sports Center or Phil from the Scuba Shop. Alternatively You could reach out to Carina.

    If you are down south in Kenting, or fancy a weekend down there learning to scuba dive. I would recommend getting in touch with Andy Gray from Taiwan Dive he has a wealth of experience.

    Another option would be to get in contact with Craig Johnson from the Safety Stop he is located on green island, it may be tougher to get to but green island offers some of the most beautiful diving Taiwan has to offer.

    There are many more dotted around the country, but hopefully that gives you a place to start. You may find cheaper course offered through certain dive shops, but often you get what you pay for.. with those listed above you can expect to have a small class size, good english level, and decent instruction.

    Let us know how you get on, and once you are certified, drop in on the whats going on this weekend and find yourself some dive.



    Brett Woods
    Post count: 10

    ty for the info, im in taoyuan

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