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    Fun Divers Taiwan, Xiao Liu Qui trip

    Fun Divers TW is running a 2 day, 2 night trip to XioaLiuQiu island on December 4th to 6th. The real turtle island, where you can expect to see green sea turtles.

    Registration: From now until November 04, 2015.
    Contact: Dennis at Fun Divers directly
    Deposit: NTD10,000

    Cost: NTD9,200 (NTD8,800 member price) including return ferry, 2 Nights Shared Hotel, 2 Breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 BBQ Dinner, 2 Days Shared scooter, 4 boat dives, 1 Shore Dive.

    You can also complete AOW course during this trip for an additional NTD7,000

    Return transport from Taipei NDT1,000 (only 4 spaces remaining)

    Return ferry ticket
    Shared Room (2 night)
    x2 Breakfast
    x2 Lunch
    x1 BBQ dinner
    x2 days shared scooter hire
    4x boat dives (2 per day)
    x1 shore dive
    Diving costs: air, boat dives, dive guide fees

    Diving costs: gear rental
    Drinks, personal consumption
    Transport from Taipei

    Note: Scuba gear rental (full set NTD2000 for the trip)

    For more information contact Dennis at Fun Divers TW on 0909 083 683 / http://www.facebook.com/FunDiversTw / [email protected]

    往返東港船票, 高雄+東港住宿, 早餐x 2, 午餐x2, BBQ晚餐x 1, 機車(兩人一台),船潛四支, 岸潛一支。
    Return Ferry, 2 Nights Shared Hotel, 2 Breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 BBQ Dinner, 2 Days Shared Motorbike, 4 Boat Dives, 1 Shore Dive.

    * All guests will share beds and rooms. Extra cost will be incurred if you request your own bed or room.

    團費 Tour Price: $9,200
    Fun Divers 會員價 Member Price: $8,800
    只有8個位子 Max 8 divers

    額外費用 Additional:
    兩天裝備租借 Equipment Rental: $2000
    台北高雄來回交通費 Return Transport: $1000
    (交通車只有4個位子 Only 4 seats available)
    進階課程 Advanced Course: $7000
    (正常價 Normal price: $11,000)

    * 請於11/4日前匯入訂金$10,000 ,餘款11/20前完成匯款即可。報名進階課的朋友在收到訂金後,即寄出教材。
    Please transfer a $10,000 deposit before Nov 4th.
    At that time, I will give you the book if you’re taking the Advanced Course. Remaining balance should be paid by Nov 20th.

    * 額外之餐費與娛樂費用請自理
    Additional Food, Drinks & Entertainment are NOT included

    * 12/25-12/27 將另外組小琉球初級開放水域考照班,詳情會在近期公佈
    There will be a tour for the open water course on 12/25-12/27, an event will be announced shortly.

    行程 Approximate Itinerary:
    19:30 土城捷運站 Tucheng MRT Station
    00:00 高雄飯店 Kaohsiung Hotel

    07:00 早餐 Breakfast
    08:30 東港碼頭集合 Donggang Dock
    09:00 東港 Donggang Dock-小琉球 Liu Qiu Island
    10:30 水底導航 Navigation Dive
    12:00 中餐 Lunch
    13:00 船潛兩支 2 Boat Dives
    16:00 自由時間 Free Time
    18:00 晚餐 BBQ

    07:00 早餐Breakfast
    08:00 船潛兩支 2 Boat Dives
    12:00 中餐 Lunch
    13:00 自由時間 Free Time
    15:00 小琉球 Liu Qiu Island ─ 東港 Donggang
    16:00 離開東港 Depart from Donggang
    21:00 抵達台北 Arrive in Taipei

    匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!
    帳號:0095 0613 8148

    Please transfer the deposit to:
    Wong, Dennis
    Cathay United Bank
    Bank code: 013
    Account: 0095 0613 8148

    臨時取消行程之賠償金額 Cancellation Fee
    • 10天前取消,行程費用之25% - 25% of trip price within 10 days of the trip
    • 05天前取消,行程費用之50% - 50% of trip price within 5 days of the trip
    • 03天前取消,不予以退費 - Within 3 days of trip price, there will be no refund

    Danny Briggs
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    Would love to go but busy that weekend. I have dove with dennis and fun divers before, not been on a trip yet thou.

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