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    So one of the things drilled into you during OWD certification is your buddy check. PADI uses an acronym to help you remember, but don’t think i’ve ever met anyone (well apart from an instructor) who remembers the real PADI version.

    BWRAF actually stands for the sequence of checks you make during your buddy check which you should always perform prior to splashing:
    B – BCD
    W – Weights
    R – Releases
    A – Air
    F – Final Check

    PADI teaches the mnemonic Begin With Review And Friend

    Below are some common ones i’ve heard.. if you know any others post below:

    I use Beer, Wine, Rum And Friends..

    Being Wary Reduces All Failures
    Because We Really Aren’t Fish
    Breathing Water Really Ain’t Fun
    Blue Whales Really Are Fat
    Burger With Relish And Fries
    Bruce Willis Ruins All Films
    Bring Weed Rizla And Fags (popular in the UK)

    Some popular with kids include:

    Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy
    Burger With Relish And Fries

    Some more risque..

    Bangkok Women Really Are Fellas (very popular in Thailand)
    Big Women Release Air Faster
    Blondes With Reputations Are Fun
    British Women Require Anal Fisting
    Big Willies Really Are Fun (one for the ladies)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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